How To Cultivate A Successful Mindset

If I told you that you already have the mindset you need to become the best version of yourself, would you believe me? No?

Well, if no was your answer then your still a step away from unlocking it. I understand, it’s not easy to know that you do have something, but your not using it right. It’s much easier to just blame education, genetics and upbringing.

Sorry to burst your ‘’safe’’ bubble but it is your fault. You have a fixed mindset. If you want to be the best version of yourself then you are going to need to ditch your old mindset and dig deeper to release the open mindset you have! You have been too busy worrying, self-criticizing and under-achieving to have the time to realize that it is in you.

Do not waste anymore time! What are you waiting for? Things aren’t going to happen just by you thinking about them.

You may be thinking whats the point of having a can-do mindset, well there are many. The mindset we have is not something we were born with, it’s not something to do with our gender or race. Write off education, financial status and upbringing too. Mindset is the the established set of attitudes held by someone. That is the actual definition of what mindset is.

So put two and two together, it’s something you have been doing for so long it becomes your reality. This can apply to anything! I mean literally anything. For instance, your view of yourself. Do you think you are pretty, dumb, intelligent, ugly fat or thin? Those things are all stereotypes we just attach to ourselves. After a while things that we think become a reality.

Change that. You’ll see the difference faster than you imagine. Do you think that your financial status is going to always be the same? When you think it might change, you probably think it’s going to change for the worse. Why can’t you be rich too? Your mindset is stopping you. People with an open mindset accept challenges they don’t fear them.

Accept life’s challenges and have fun with them. You have the ability to be the best version of yourself, and the only thing stopping this from happening is the bad version of yourself.

I switched mindsets when I got so sick of never having enough confidence to try new things out, never having enough money and never being truly happy.

I realized that being ready for new things and not fearing them opened a lot of doors for me. I not only became happy with myself, I had so much confidence I actually quit my job. Don’t get me wrong, I was ok with my salary I just wanted much more from life and I couldn’t get that from my regular salary. So I began working online, developing myself a secure way to gain money online. I didn’t quit my job until I found this way, but it didn’t take me too long after finding it to quit my job. I doubled my income. I was living the life that I could not even imagine with my fixed mindset.

It’s stupid how we create our own boundaries, and funny how fear plays a huge role in the creation of them.

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