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Dear friend,

Are you sick of working your life away in a dead-end job, trapped by your fear of change?

Are you done making your boss richer and richer, while all you get is stress and frustration?

You noticed that the harder you work, the less and less time you have to enjoy the fruit of your labour?

You get more money, sure, but you don’t get to spend any time with your friends, your family, or yourself, for that matter. Eventually, you end up living in order to work, and not vice versa.

How Long Will This Go On?

It’s like you’re this hardworking person, and all you get in return is misery and missing out on your own life. And yet, you see all those people who’re enjoying the success of their online businesses to the fullest and you start wondering why isn’t your life turning out like this?

I mean, they spend their holidays at far-off exotic destinations and lead fulfilled lives, spending all of their time with the people they actually care about. It looks almost too good to be true, and yet it is as real as it gets.

Many people believe online entrepreneurs don’t even deserve the many luxuries they enjoy. In all fairness, you work as hard as they do, after all!

But do they deserve all of these luxuries? Do they deserve the life they are living that

You Only Get To Dream About?

As you know, it’s not about the work.

You’ve kept your head down and did as you were told, and
still got little in return.

You’re afraid to admit that you also want all of those life
luxuries that others are literally basking in.

How do I know?

Well, I’ve been where you are now…

No, actually I WAS you.

I Was Busting My Ass Working For
Someone Else, And Forgot What It Was Like
To Enjoy Life

I was living my life to please others, rather than focus on making myself happy.

But I decided I wasn’t going to take it lying down.

I wanted to find a way to have it all. I wanted to find a way to make money AND be happy. I wasn’t going to accept what others kept telling me. I wasn’t going to accept the “either one or the other” mentality people around me had.

I needed to find a way. My own way.

This is where I made a choice.

I decided that I was going to…

“Take My Life Into My Own Hands ASAP, And Follow My Dreams”

Hi, my name is Charles Kunstmann.

I know how you feel.

Hell, I’ve been you.

I was drained, downtrodden, and stuck doing a job that made me feel miserable.

I spent years obeying rules at school where I worked two jobs.

As Time Went By, I Simply
Accepted Misery And Stress As
Integral Parts Of Life

It’s no surprise then, that I’d spent years as a Toyota parts guy, minding my own busi-ness, thinking that it simply does not get any better than that.

Sure, I got promotions. I got more and more money with each position, but you know what?

I also had less and less time.

After years and years of all work and no life, I realized that my persistence, commitment, and my obedience only made me feel weak, washed out and stressed.

I was getting older, and the hard life was taking its toll on me.

Stuck In An Endless Loop, I Dreamt Of
Getting Some Rest.

I wanted to enjoy a stable, luxurious, and comfortable life I saw other people leading.

With no end on sight, I let the misery sink in.

I was married to the job, and had promised to cherish it until death do us part.

The misery pressed against me.

After all those years of denial, I was very stressed.

“You Have To Take Matters In
Your Own Hands”

You know how you can step out of the loop?

How you can start living the life the way you, and not other people want you to?

It takes willpower, and guts.

I thought that being hardworking, patient and obedient would get me through life.

And you know what?

It did.

It got me through nearly 40 years of misery, stress, and melancholy.

Being a follower helped me get by for a long time, and I was sure it would get me through many years to come.

I spent less and less time with my family, less and less time with my friends.

‘There Has To Be A Way To Enjoy
More Free Time’

The endless extra hours caused friction during the little time I had left to spend with people I cared about.

I missed my family, but I still got overwhelmed by their presence, because of all the stress from work.

As one stressful situation gave way to another, certain people caught my attention.

Some people I knew didn’t exactly fit the puzzle I was accustomed to.

They were upbeat, cheerful and seemed to live their lives to the fullest.

They explored the world, travelled to exotic destinations, swam with dolphins, and seemed untouched by the unrelenting grind of everyday life.

They seemed happy, and yet, they were wealthy and comfortable.

I didn’t understand just how that was possible, but IT GAVE ME HOPE.

Seeing how the easy living worked for all those people in my town, and all around the world!

What were these people doing that was so different from the rest of us?

There Is A Huge Profit To Be Had Online

I started asking around, and I kept running across people who talked about online businesses and the marvelous profits they made.

This was real.

And I wanted in on it.

When I spotted a glitch in the system of miserable, hard-working robots, I decided to break free.

I saw it with my own eyes that it was possible to get out.

And so, I decided to give it a shot.

I decided to learn how to live a completely different life.

There Is A Solution To Your Financial Problems
Internet Marketing

The more I talked to people, the more I heard the words ‘internet marketing’ being repeated. It’s like this was a secret everyone was familiar with, except for me.

People swore on this system for making money online, claimed that it completely changed their lives.

It was like the holy grail of online marketing, and I expected quite a lot from it, since more and more happy, wealthy people were using it.

I wanted to find out just what it was to own an online business, and how I could set it up, make it work for me.

I started doing my own research. I attended seminars, took classes, and all this while taking the extra time from work.

I spoke to top-notch experts in the field, an went deeper and deeper into making money online via this perspective, profitable system.

The More I Saw, The More
There Was To See

II met sales “gurus” and wannabe wizards who praised affiliate marketing as a mantra, a magical recipe that could make us all rich.

People kept buying shiny objects from these witch doctors and it didn’t get them any-where.

Still, I wouldn’t give up.

And, in time, I only got better and better at telling which entrepreneurs were legit, and which ones were bad eggs.

But none of them could offer me a bulletproof system I could fully rely on.

I ended up picking up bits and pieces of what I saw was working, and made a system of my own.

Every single book and course and teaching I had gone through related to affiliate mar-keting claimed that the loot is where the products are but NOBODY told me where to look for the right ones.

So I sat down one day and literally made a plan, a formula, a mind map of what prod-ucts to promote, how to promote them and how to get people to see my offers.

I made a system and this system WORKED.

It was something that I could easily replicate as many times as I wanted, so my profits started growing rapidly.

From $0 per month, I ended up with a steady amount of five figures.

But then I realized…

All Those People Around
Me Were Struggling, And I
Could Help Them Out!

I realized that I had acquired a unique set of skills through my tedious efforts. I was somebody people looked up to.

This brought a big smile to my face.

After having enjoyed financial security, the luxury of “the good life” and spending as much time as I liked with the people I care about, I stopped for a bit.

I looked around.

And soon enough, I realized that the people around me who were trying to build their own businesses online the way I did were struggling, and only came across more and more closed doors.

They were losing time and money, wasting resources because of the lack of experience, the lack of knowledge.

And this realization made all the difference.

I Can Help You Too

And, most of all, they wouldn’t have to go through what I went through in order to be just as successful as I was!

I made a choice once.

I risked everything.

But you don’t have to!

You don’t have to go through the exhausting trial and error process, fear losing your job or even work on acquiring extensive experience.

I’d already done it all for you!

And I decided to gather up all my knowledge and hand it to you.

And so, I organized my formula and put it all together.

I created an amazing, simple recipe that can replicate my success over and over again.

This is why I want to introduce you to my…

Easy Wealth Blueprint

I used all my formal knowledge, the experience I gathered throughout the years, and integrated it into a single, clear, simple and efficient system.

A System Built On Experience
And Solid Facts

I knew how to make money, and never waste any resources. I put it all together, and made the final draft so easy and simple, that literally anyone could do it.

I gathered up all my experience and decided to serve the best of the best to you on a silver plate.

I have built the perfect guide for building a mean, lean machine for making money online.

I tried and tried to make it as simple, easy and clear as possible, and eventually, even my grandma could do it, and she still remembered World War 2.

There was really nothing difficult in clicking the mouse a couple of times and earning massive amounts of money. A click for setting up an account, a click for finding the right product, and a click for setting up an ad and voila - money!

It may seem too bold, but I feel free to guarantee you that my system is THE thing that will finally provide you and your family with financial security, luxury, and plenty of time on your hands to spend as you like.

Here’s Exactly What THE EASY WEALTH BLUEPRINT Is Going to Show You:
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The methods covered in this guide come from years of studying, seminars, conversations and conferences with top-notch experts in the field. When even all of them couldn’t provide me with a perfect solution, I picked up bits and pieces and then put them all together to form a clear, simple and fool-proof money-making machine.

And this is not all. Not only will you never have to feel insecure again, but you will grow and prosper in ways you could not even imagine. I’m not only talking about survival. I’m talking about an opportunity to live your life to the fullest.

I have been able to be successful myself, and then replicate my success for hundreds of other clients.

You will finally be able to spend your time as you’d always wanted.

You’ll also finally have the time to spend with the people that matter most to you and go through life living on your own terms!

This Is The Turning Point Of The Very Life
You’ve Led So Far

Do you want to keep living to work, married to your job and unable to spend time on your own affiliations, or the people you care about?


are you ready to take a leap of faith and open yourself up to new worlds and new opportunities?

I know that what I’m offering you has value. It can change your whole life, and make you completely financially secure.

Sometimes I think I Should Be Selling My Course For At Least $284

My accountants have come to this number, and they suggested it to me. They calculated the money I’ve invested, and adjusted it to the possibilities of my clients.

My marketer friends have been telling me to push the price even higher up.

But frankly, I know where you come from. And I haven’t forgotten that I come from the same place.

I decided to honor my humble beginnings, and understand very well that not everyone can afford this price.

This is why I want to make it accessible for anyone with enough courage to take the same risk I took years ago.

I’m want to give you THE guide to undeniable success FOR ONLY… $37.

Yes, you got that right.

I understand that you have limited resources, and I want you to be able to get where I am today, regardless of that.

All you need to do is look at the facts, have some courage, and take your life into your own hands.
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I invite you to use my EASY WEALTH BLUEPRINT and get started on your journey of creating your own online business and becoming an affiliate in the next 60 days.

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II am positive that your business will be an enormous success if you just follow the simple guidelines I give you.

But if not, just let me know and I will issue a refund.

Again, no questions asked.

You see, what I am doing here is the same thing I’ve done by building my system - taking all the risk, so you don’t have to.

This is personal for me.

I’m not in it for the money -

I Have More Than Enough As It Is

I simply want to make people prosper and grow the same way I did once.

And maybe, make them feel better in the process.

So, let me ask you one more time…

Are You Tired Of Working
Your Life Away?

That’s a hypothetical question really, because I know what the answer is…

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I sincerely look forward to hearing all about your future success and achievement, as am sure you can make it happen!

Charles Kunstmann

P.S. I really hope you don’t miss out on an opportunity like this. You are being given a chance to learn from someone who has been in your shoes and managed to change their entire life.

Take the opportunity and learn how to create your very own legacy, without having to think about things like skills and experience that comes from an excruciating and money-wasting process of trial and error.